24 x 36 Museum-quality Prints are made on thick, archival & acid-free paper.
Mumbai blew me away. We took a train from Goa, and arrived to Mumbai late evening. After a rocky cabby ride, straight into the heart of the city, we woke up to this neightborhood of Mumbai called Gulal Wadi. The image you see represents the every day chaos at the biggest intersection of this urban landscape. From people carrying heavy loads of aluminum, to entire families riding on a single scooter chaotically moving through space like paricles inside the atom. Harmony through chaos. India was an inspiring journey for sure.
This drawing took me months to get done, being the first one. I started drawing it in Dehradun, in the mountains. Car was away to a silent meditation retreat, so I was all alone. I would hike up mountains, play video games, and draw things like this. Good times.

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