12 x 16, 24 x 36 Museum-quality Prints are made on thick, archival & acid-free paper.
Kathmandu was illustrated over several months only using Procreate on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I was personally in Kathmandu, in May 2016 after the big earthquake that broke the city. I visited Nepal with Car, and Roberto met us there. Three of us are somewhere in the drawing.
While I was in the city, I have taken many photos, and used those photos as the main sources for the art. I paid close attention to the wires that were everywhere, buildings that weren’t done being painted, masks on people to avoid smog. Kathmandu was very pretty with its ancient, and intricate architecture. Nepalese people were very nice and quiet in general. The environment was another story. The smog was dense and smelly. There were some really stinky parts, including a grey river that stunk of garbage. All of these things are in the drawing.

Limited Edition

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